Brown's Hurdles

Telephone 01929 462761 or email

Alan and Steve Brown with hurdle

Alan and Steve Brown are a father and son team of hurdlemakers.  They are the sixth and seventh generation of the family to make hurdles and can trace the trade in the family back to the 19th Century.
Hurdles are ideal for use as a fence, windbreak or border edging.
They are also suitable to be used for climbing plants to grow up.

An example of hurdles used to create a garden fence

Hurdles used to protect a young hedge

Hurdles can protect young hedges...
...or, as in this case, make an effective natural boundary.

Hurdles used as a boundary

Alan Brown with a finished sheep hurdle

We can also supply traditional sheep hurdles for use as lambing pens or for folding sheep.
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Our standard sizes are:
6ft (1.83m) wide by 6ft (1.83m) high
6ft (1.83m) wide by 5ft (1.52m) high
6ft (1.83m) wide by 4ft (1.22m) high
6ft (1.83m) wide by 3ft (0.91m) high

Other sizes are available on request - just give us a call to discuss your individual requirements. See below for a selection of our bespoke sizes.

One of our larger sizes

And one of our smaller orders

6ft x 8ft 8ft x 1ft

One of our custom sizes

And another custom size

Tapering at the bottom Tapering at the top

Other products we can supply from coppiced hazel include:
• Spars •
• Pea sticks (from January to April) •
•Bean rods (from January to April) •
•Bavvins / faggots •
• Clothes props •